Making It Up As I Go Along by Marian Keyes

Marian Keyes is, in my humble opinion, THE queen of chick lit; not froth, lacking substance, but meaty, thought-provoking, highly topical chick-lit full of feisty females and upfront subject matter. When I was lucky enough to discover and read my first Marian Keyes novel ‘Lucy Sullivan is Getting Married’ about sixteen years ago, fortunately she had already written a couple of other books which I could simply move onto. Now however, I have to wait; I have to wait, greedily scanning her newsletters and media feeds for a morsel that might indicate she has a new book imminent, before eagerly devouring it, and then bereft once more until the next comes out.
‘Making It Up As We Go Along’ was not a work of fiction as such, but put together in a similar vein to ‘Under the Duvet,’ in that it drew on previously published and new articles and newsletters collected together into a reality study of the life and mind of Marian Keyes. And as always, I loved it!
Marian’s voice is clear and unique; her quick (and naughty!) wit, pin sharp observations, (often self-deprecating) humour and sense of fun along with her warmth, honesty and willingness to share her experiences is akin to sitting down for a coffee and a catch up with a BFF.
I never hesitate in recommending Marian Keyes’s books – while I wait, rather impatiently, once again, for the next one!



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