Lost Girls by Angela Marsons

Every parents nightmare!

Two little girls are taken and only one comes home alive. The case has never been solved, then months later, it happens again!

Somebody has picked two 9 year old girls, Charlie and Amy, up from the leisure centre after their swimming lessons – and nobody knows who it was or what has happened to them.

And then the game begins….

Two friends, two sets of parents and a chilling ransom request via text message – only one child will go free – to the highest bidder! D.I. Kim Stone and her team are brought in to bring the girls home.

This is a great storyline with a gripping twist on abduction, and the mental torture the parents suffer as a result.

A tense thriller packed with carefully observed characters complete with their own histories that have made them who they are – perhaps the most memorable for me being the ex-soldier; a cold, trained killing machine keen to torture and maim before his victims die, without compassion and without feeling. He adds real punch to the storyline when we know that two small and vulnerable children are potentially his next victims.

D.I. Stone, single-minded and committed, is determined to bring the case and the children home, her outwardly controlled personae hiding a sensitive spirit and the need to do her job to her own high standards.

So, why the 3 stars after such a review?

I found the ending a little too contrived. I can accept that these sort of books rely to some extent on coincidence and chance, but I felt that the final mastermind behind the abduction plot went a bit too far and after such a tense read it left me disappointed. The story would have been a great one without it.

As always, my view is exactly that – a subjective point of view on my own reading experience.

I give this book 3 out of 5 stars.


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