Life by Rebecca Belliston

What a great read, and so believable!  I have been a fan of Young Adult Dystopian literature for many years, despite my grand old age of *?*  This has been one of the really good ones, so I am keen to read more by Rebecca Belliston.
‘Life’, the first in the Logan Pond series, moves away from the usual post-revolution, post-WW3 catastrophic Dystopian worlds and instead draws on something much less visually dramatic and therefore so much more frightening in its potential – the terminal financial collapse of the USA.
Carrie and Greg are two citizens in a small group of rebels at Logan Pond who choose to defy the ‘new’ America and the choices they now offer; become legal citizens (if you are eligible!) and bow to the rigid rules and regimes of the US government, or choose freedom and become fugitives from the state, free, but living in communes that have very little in the way of food, comfort, healthcare – and safety.
Logan’s Pond is one such commune occupied by Carrie and her siblings among others living free in a street of houses, left empty in post-crash America.  The commune live and die together, work together, share the little they have and are entirely dependent on the good faith and support of Oliver, one of the government officials responsible for policing the area and keeping it free from fugitive communes.
One day Greg and his mother arrive at Logan’s Pond, runaways from the South who have travelled on foot to be with their family.  Their arrival, particularly of Greg, the surly, capable and cocky young male, creates waves within the camp which ripple out into a very believable story of survival and the sacrifices people are willing to make in the name of freedom.
I rate this 4 out of 5 stars.


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