Isle of Winds by James Fahy

I initially had my doubts after reading the first couple of chapters, not because I didn’t like the story, but because it seemed more suited to a child and although I enjoyed Young Adult literature, this didn’t seem to fit…however! Based on the high number of positive reviews ‘Isle of Winds’ received, I decided to persevere. My final score of four stars is an indication of how my original opinion changed!
Robin, orphaned as a baby and apparently a perfectly normal child, lives in a small village with his Gran. Gran is slightly quirky and surrounds herself with horseshoes, but apart from that Robin feels he lives a fairly ordinary life. Until one day Gran dies quite unexpectedly and Robin is left alone and sent to live with a Great Aunt in a large estate belonging to Erlking Hall.
Suddenly Robin is thrust into a whole new world as he discovers that he is not the ordinary boy he thought he was, but the last Changeling of the Netherworlde and a descendant of the Fae. Furthermore, he is the object of a search by the evil Lady Eris, conqueror and tyrannical ruler of the Netherworlde, and enemy of the Fae.
James Fahy has created a wonderful world of make believe, full of magical characters and fantasy adventure; and creating the wonderful and mythical Isle of Winds, risen by magic out of the warring Netherworlde and into the clouds to escape from the conflict.
It took me a while to warm to the tale, but once gripped, I loved it!


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