In This Moment by Karma Brown

Everything changes in a moment…and ‘In This Moment’ by Karma Brown explores the repercussions of how a split second decision can change everything.
Meg Pepper is happy with her lot; her family, her home life, her career, until the school run turns into her biggest nightmare. One afternoon, Meg stops her car and waves a young teenage boy across the road in front of her – totally missing the car that is coming in the opposite direction. As the oncoming car ploughs into the boy breaking his spine, his life changes in a moment, as do the lives of all those around them. Haunted by guilt, Meg is desperate to make amends, and from this moment on begins a ripple effect across the lives of all those she touches, as marriages, trust and relationships are put through the most rigorous of tests!
I found the whole concept of this story fascinating, and the scenario used was a very challenging and current one! Karma Brown writes with great sensitivity and insight into the emotional roller coaster of every day lives when a tragic event disrupts them.
I give this book 5 stars.