Impossible by Sarah Lotz

The version I read of this book was called ‘Impossible,’ but I am guessing the content is the same. Soooo, what did I think of it?
Well, it was great to read an original story – there are probably loads out there that are similar, but this was original based on my own reading experience to date.
Bee and Nick ‘meet’ online via an email that goes astray. They strike up correspondence, and quickly begin to realise that they have ‘clicked’ and would like to meet in person to establish whether it is viable to take their relationship to the next level. A date and place is agreed for their meeting for which they independently prepare with care and enthusiasm. However, it’s not meant to be! Both arrive, but cannot find each other, although they are still able to correspond online! Gradually, it begins to dawn on them that there is something very strange happening: they are both operating on parallel planes which somehow, via email, they have managed to cross!
‘The Impossible Us’ was very promising initially. It certainly grabbed my attention. However, it is a complicated story following the same group of people with the same names, but in two similar, but separate worlds. Not only that, but out of necessity, in order to cover both sides of this parallel universe, the story also switched narrators between worlds.
I must admit that I did struggle to keep tabs on what was happening with who, and felt that the whole story dragged on just a little longer than was interesting. I would be interested however to read more by Sarah Lotz in the future.
I did read to the end and give this book three stars.