Her Frozen Heart by Lulu Taylor

‘Her Frozen Heart, by Lulu Taylor follows the lives of two women separated by a generation.  Tommy (Thomasina) lives with her extended family in a large country house at the end of the Second World War.  Widowed during the war, Tommy is struggling to hold home and family together during one of the hardest, coldest winter in a very long time.  Relations are strained in the household under their enforced confinement and long-held secrets are beginning to emerge.  Meanwhile, fast forward to the present and Caitlyn, also widowed as a result of a serious car accident, is trying to rebuild her life for herself and her son Max following the death of her husband Patrick.  Best friend Sara however, seems determined to undermine her memories of her life with Patrick, and as pieces of a jigsaw begin to come together Caitlyn is starting to understand what her husband was trying to tell her just before he died.
I felt I should have enjoyed this book more than I did.  Parts of the story seemed to take longer than necessary in the telling of it and I did find myself speed reading through sections to avoid what seemed like mundane padding.
I give this book 3 stars.


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