He Said/She Said by Erin Kelly

‘He Said, She Said’ by Erin Kelly will have you exploring the issues of trust and perspective like you never have before. Three characters come together, Kit, Laura and Beth, but who is telling the truth? What is the real story?
1999, Cornwall, and Kit and Laura attend one of the many eclipses they spend their time chasing around the world. Kit is there first; Laura joins him later. They are young, they are carefree and they are having fun…until they meet Beth. The first time Laura catches sight of Beth she is lying face down in the dirt, her clothes pushed aside, the man on top caught in the middle of a rape. But is he? So the story truly begins as the story goes to court, and the secrets begins to unravel from their tightly wrapped and fiercely guarded roll of lies!
So many different perspectives, so many different points of view to one story! Erin Kelly keeps her readers firmly where she wants them until she is ready for the big reveal, which I really didn’t see coming!
I thoroughly enjoyed ‘He Said/She Said’ and give it four stars.


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