Grown Ups by Marian Keyes

Oh how I love Marian Keyes books – and this one didn’t let me down. What I love most is the way her books have matured along with the author. Having read ‘Watermelon’ and ‘Rachel’s Holiday’ along with all her others of the chick-lit genre – all brilliant! – Marian Keyes is now writing about more mature characters with families of their own; wonderfully dysfunctional families, skilfully unravelled with the author’s trademark wicked humour.
The story revolves around the Casey family, a multitude of complex characters linked by brothers, Johnny, Ed, Liam and their wives and children. It begins in the present at a family dinner hosted and paid for by Johnny’s wealthy wife Jessie. Ed’s wife Cara, having temporarily lost her inhibitions due to a concussion, begins to speak a few uncomfortable home truths….
As we jump back 6 months to the events leading up to the dinner, Marian exposes the complex characters and relationships that make up the Casey family as they begin to unravel before us.
‘Grown Ups’ is a long book, with a lot of characters, so it may have taken me a little longer than usual to get into it, but stick with it, it’s worth the read!
I give this book 4 stars.