Forgive Me by Susan Lewis

Susan Lewis always writes a good book; this one is no exception. ‘Forgive Me,’ is a challenging read emotionally, with the topics of domestic abuse and restorative justice at its heart.

‘…just in case you get any ideas about leaving me, you’ll be watched; you won’t get away and if you try, I’ll find you and by then you’ll wish you hadn’t.’

Marcus Huxley-Browne is a desperate man on the brink of imprisonment. Once in custody, despite his threats, his long-suffering wife changes her name, and along with her daughter Jasmine, and her mother Marcy, escapes London to a new life in Kesterley-on-Sea.

At first frightened and cautious, Claudia gradually begins to relax, buys a house, makes new friends and re-establishes her previously successful business.

Marcus however, is not far behind! One devastating night, Claudia’s carefully constructed life is brutally attacked, and as her mother bears the brunt of her husband’s wrath, Claudia begins to wonder if she will ever be free…

Alongside Claudia’s story, is that of nineteen year old Archie, who opens ‘Forgive Me’ with a letter to an unknown recipient, telling a sad story of a youth forced into a life of crime to keep his vulnerable mother safe from harm.

Archie and Claudia’s stories gradually come together in a climatic mix of violence, forgiveness, love and pain that is quite breathtaking!

To say anymore would be to give too much away; suffice to say that ‘Forgive Me’ is an excellent read which will not disappoint. Enjoy!