Flawed #1 by Cecelia Ahern

The concept of Cecilia Ahern’s debut Young Adult novel interested me.

Following the collapse of leadership in Celestine’s world (scarily ominous in early post-Brexit Britain!), new laws are established with a new regime and justice system to address the corruption inherent in previous governments. The ‘Flawed’ are those who fall foul of the new regime and are judged to have displayed imperfections of character. Once tried, judged and condemned, these people are outcasts in normal society. They are physically and visibly branded and forced to lead the most basic of lives with different rules and standards to the ‘unflawed’ in society. Their every move and action is monitored and reported on in the greatest detail by their allocated Whistleblower. Heavy punishments are handed out to those ‘flawed’ who do not abide by them.
Celestine North, the perfect girlfriend of Art Craven, in a moment of compassion, falls on the wrong side of the law. She finds herself condemned, branded and fiercely scapegoated by Art’s father, Judge Craven, who is a leading figure in the judicial system.

…In an instinctive moment of care and consideration towards a fellow human being, Celestine’s life, and that of her family, changes forever!

I was very interested in the idea of perfection in ‘Flawed'; that out of corruption grew a concept that was inherently flawed in itself; that Celestine’s very moral action of great kindness towards the underdog (those previously judged as ‘flawed’) should result in condemnation; that the unkindness of the bystanders who turn a blind eye to the suffering of an old, sick man should be upheld as ‘unflawed,’ – even perfect by definition.

The world as we know it has been turned upside down and, as the actions of Judge Craven and his kind come under increasing scrutiny, we realise that the corruption that was intended to be crushed by the new regime is in fact as bad, if not worse, than it ever was – and Celestine holds the key to challenging it!

I look forward very much to reading what happens next!


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