Faith and Moonlight (#2) by Mark Gelineau and Joe King

I’m not sure why the ‘Faith and Moonlight’ series is divided up into so many parts. I have read the first two books now, each of approximately 50-ish pages, give or take a few, and have found myself not finishing in suspense and ready for the next one, but more with a feeling of frustration that my appetite has been whet, but thwarted before I’ve barely begun! So, although story content about Roan and Kay would actually make for a very good read in my opinion, its flow is seriously impaired by its fragmentation. Also, having to wait so long in between each fifty(ish) pages means that, being a much older ‘young adult'(!!) my memory is not what it was and needs to be maintained by regular input from a book of a decent length in order to remember characters, plots and twists.
I don’t know how many parts are intended in the ‘Faith and Moonlight’ series, but I don’t think I shall be investing my time in the next few until the story is complete, by which time I will be able to enjoy the story in its entirety without the extra long interruption between chapter groups and without forgetting what has happened so far!

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