Everything, Everything by Nicola Yoon

Loved, loved, loved this book! A very definite full star story!
Behind the more obvious story of sick Maddy being buried alive at home by a loving and over-protective mother is a deeper story of difficult choices between life, love and death – and whether one can and/or should be preserved at the expense of another.
Maddy is accepting of her life of isolation if it keeps her alive – until by chance she meets Olly. Olly rapidly becomes the most important part of her life and she begins to question her caged existence and wonders whether it would be better to experience a full life, take risks and die young but fulfilled, rather than continue in the ‘no-life’ life that she currently inhabits,
So begins Maddy’s rebellion against her mother, against her diagnosis and the emotional avalanche that it begins until the final twist at the end of the story.
Despite the subject matter, this story is sensitively told without self-pity or dissatisfaction by Maddy. The variation in script type, illustrations and computer speak are an amusing interlude and add a little more depth to the characters than merely relating their tale.
An excellent book all round. Loved it!






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