Days of Wonder by Keith Stuart

LOVED ‘A Boy Made of Blocks’ by Keith Stuart, but not so sure this one quite matched my expectations.  Tom and Hannah are the father and daughter of the story, their love and affection for each other matched only by their shared love of the theatre – and that is where the story lost me a bit.  I appreciate that the theatre played a huge part in their lives, they wanted to save it and what it represented, but somewhere in the middle I started to find it a little bit tedious.  What I wanted to hear about was Hannah’s heart condition, the relationship between her and her father, Hannah’s first boyfriend and his battle with depression, the wandering mother and ex-wife, Elizabeth, the friend Sally and her bullish husband!  The human interest was great, writing sensitively on an emotive subject with a power that almost matched ‘A Boy Made of Blocks,’ and it was great to see a single father dealing with his teenage daughter in the absence of the mother figure.  This is what made the book for me personally.
I give this book 3 stars.