Dashing Through the Snow by Debbie Macomber

In her prologue to ‘Dashing Through the Snow,’ Debbie Macomber promises her readers a romantic comedy, a chance ‘to sit down, relax, and unwind’ during the hectic Christmas holiday season. Bearing in main her intentions, Debbie Macomber certainly delivers with this story, one of her own personal favourites.

Ashley Davison is intent on surprising her mother in Seattle with a visit at Christmas after an unexpected release from her work committments frees up some time. Much to her frustration she is unable to purchase a flight to Seattle and settles on a rental car in order to drive herself there. There is one problem; her unexpected travelling companion, the infuriating, smug – but very handsome Dash Sutherland. So begins a reluctant, yet mutual attraction as they begin their long journey North.

Alongside the main plot is the additional comedy factor of an FBI Agent Wilkes, who is determined,no desperate, to capture wanted criminal, Ashley Davison before he retires, while simultaneously showing off to the less experienced trainee Agent Buckley. Although rather an incongruous plotline, it works, adding an air of the ridiculous to an already light and fluffy read. It’s almost a relief to hear from Agent Buckley at the end that Agent Wilkes has had some sort of ‘mental breakdown’ or it would have been alightly worrying to think that such people were in charge of national security!!

I enjoyed this story very much and read it very quickly. It is certainly the fluffy, frothy light-hearted romantic comedy that Debbie Macomber promised in her prologue. Her characters’ conversations in particular flow naturally and are full of witty humour. My only issue was that it ended rather suddenly before I was ready!

I rate this book four out of five stars.


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