Damaged Goods by J.C. Hannigan

Advertised as a New Adult genre, this book was actually of the Young Adult category. The scenes were entirely set during the American High School years, the characters were generally in their mid-teens, and the relationships had all the intensity of teenage angst.
Nevertheless, although way out of my age range (lol!) I thoroughly enjoyed the very complicated, yet incredibly intense and passionate romance that developed between Grayson and Everly as the story unfolded.
Everly and Grayson are naturally drawn to each other in a relationship that begins briefly during Middle School’s seventh grade, to obsessive levels in their last year at High School’s twelth grade. Grayson is the classic ‘bad boy,’ drinking, smoking pot and disappearing for long periods of time with no contact; Everly is the innocent ‘good girl,’ studying hard, working shifts for extra money and watched over carefully by her mum and dad. The attraction between them is fierce and all-consuming, and yet Everly constantly worries that Grayson is holding back from her with his cryptic comments that he is messed up emotionally and really not boyfriend material.
Although the ‘will they, won’t they’ romance does become a little repetitive near the end, it’s a nevertheless a compelling read with an incomplete and unsatisfactory ending due to the fact that this is the first part of a series of sequels. I will definitely be reading on to Part Two which is out in early 2016 – the whole point of the cliffhanger ending of course!
I give this book four out of five stars.

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