Cruel Crown by Victoria Aveyard

‘Cruel Crown’ by Victoria Aveyard features two fairly short stories, spin-offs from ‘Red Queen,’ her first in the Red Queen series.

What can I say?  To be completely honest I was disappointed.  ‘Red Queen’ was a five star read for me, and I had high expectations of ‘Cruel Crown’ as a result.

The first story features Coriane of House Jacos, a poor noble family of little standing in the royal court.  She catches the eye of Tiberias, heir to the Silver throne, and consequently marries and produces an heir; but she is plagued with bad dreams of such magnitude that she fears for her state of mind!  This first story did catch my interest, but it felt too hurried.  The courtship rushed quickly to marriage and pregnancy, and Coriane’s character struggled to develop amidst the speeed of the story telling.  For me, the story ended too quickly and too suddenly, yet my sympathies had been stirred for the issues Coriane faced.

I didn’t even finish the second story, although I made a valiant attempt at it!  The paragraphs regarding the ‘missions’ really put me off as they didn’t seem to mean much.  I ended up skipping them before giving up half way through.

I don’t like writing such a mediocre review when I so thoroughly enjoyed one of the author’s previous books – but it just wasn’t up to the same standard!  Sorry!


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