Converging Lives by Samantha Beardon

Wow! What an amazing read ‘Converging Lives’ was! Having come to this book fresh from reading ‘Viral,’ also about a very different online experience, I now view all things cyber in a new and informed light! Of course I knew about internet grooming and bullying on social media along with similar, more sinister uses of computers and the internet – but I never ever realised that to some people they have two completely separate lives; one based in reality and one in the computer world – and I’m not even sure they know the difference between the two!
‘Converging Lives’ follows the real-time and cyber lives primarily of Rick, Christine, Eve and Marghita, married people from different countries who meet online to play a word game, Crozzle. From Crozzle they frequently progress to an online messaging service called Beat where they exchange messages, share pictures and tell anecdotes of their everyday lives, often becoming deeply emotionally attached and developing virtual sexual relationships. The problems begin when the lines between the real and virtual worlds are blurred and crossed with the consequences taking a more sinister turn. I won’t say more for fear of spoiling the story, but this book is definitely worth a read.
There are some basic punctuating and grammatical errors which I assume are part of the advance copy and will be dealt with for the final copy so I haven’t allowed them to influence my rating.
BUT, once again, wow! Not only was this a real page turner – but I also learned some important lessons.

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