Concentr8 by William Sutcliffe

‘Concentr8′ is a very thought-provoking, even going so far as to say ‘thought-challenging’ book! William Sutcliffe’s intention is clearly to make his readers consider the medicating of youths with ADHD in order to improve behaviour. For me personally, this is a very sensitive subject; I have two teens with ADHD, one is medicated, the other is not; one can have quite severe behavioural difficulties which threaten the safety of himself and others, difficulties he is aware of and which cause him extreme distress when he realises the extent of his actions, the other is more even-tempered and manages his symptoms very successfully with sport, activity, good food and self-reflection.
As with all cases of ADHD and other conditions, the treatment is very individual and I’m wary of anyone who blanket recommends or criticises a single treatment; however, at the same time we must always be mindful of our reasons for a particular treatment and highlighting an extreme situation as in ‘Concetr8′ ensures that we don’t all become too complacent.
An interesting read.


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