Bring Me Back by B. A. Paris

I pounced on this book the moment I saw it; based on my previous readings of ALL this author’s previous books it was a no-miss opportunity, and it went straight to the top of my ‘to read’ list.
And wow, she’s just gone and done it again with another thumping good book!
Finn, Layla and Ellen are the love triangle around which the story is based. Ellen and Layla are the sisters who fall for the same man. Finn is the lover; of dubious temperament and prone to violent outbursts of rage.
When Layla and Finn meet unexpectedly one night, for Finn it is love at first sight. He and Layla quickly become inseparable, until one night after an argument, Layla disappears without a trace. Implicated and interviewed by the authorities regarding Layla’s mysterious disappearance, but cleared due to lack of evidence, Finn lives with the guilt surrounding their last few hours together, and when he meets Layla’s sister Ellen he is determined to make a success of their relationship, despite the media negativity surrounding their union.
Twelve years on and engaged to Ellen, Finn finally feels he can put his past well and truly behind him and move on…
…Layla however, appears to have other ideas!
For me, the beauty of this book is in its simplicity. Without giving too much away we are not inundated with numerous characters’ voices and points of view, any number of date changes or complicated ends that need tying up. Maybe I am a little slower on the take up than other readers, but it wasn’t until very near the end that I had my ‘aha!’ moment, and I think, due to the author’s cues, that I was supposed to have that moment when I did! B.A. Paris cleverly maintains the tension and build up, and her characters although likeable, are imbued with enough character flaws for us, the readers, to never quite be entirely sure of their actions or motives.
I loved it; four stars from me.