Attacking Anxiety: A Step-by-Step Guide to an Engaging Approach to Treating Anxiety and Phobias in Children with Autism and Other Developmental Disabilities by Naomi Chedd, Karen Levine

As someone who has an autistic child, and who has also been doing a lot of work recently on CBT and threat respnse, I found this a fascinating and educational study of threat response and how to handle it using language and scenarios that everyone can understand.
Chapter One and the explanation of phobias and their development over time hooked me from the start, providing a real insight not only into how they work in a neuro-typical mind, but also how the limitations in the interpretative functions of autistic children can turn a problem into a crisis.
The deep and sympathetic understanding of fear and anxiety demonstrated by the authors in their writing, together with their obvious extensive knowledge base and experience gives me great hope that their management techniques for the behaviours they describe will work practically when I use them with my son! Thank you for the opportunity to read and review your very positive book!


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