All We Ever Wanted by Emily Giffin

‘All We Ever Wanted’ is a controversial story involving one of the hottest topics of our era; the damaging effects of social media. Add to this a few divided loyalties, the power of money and privilege, racism, alcohol use, and family love and loyalty, and the story possibly boils with conflict!
Privileged student Finch Browning,and his friend Beau take a photo, and share it along with a racially inappropriate comment; and Lyla, drunk and vulnerable finds herself the focus of a fierce argument between two families, equally protective of their foolish teenage children. Tom Volpe is the single dad of Lyla, naturally protective of his daughter, is horrified that she should put herself in this position in the first place, but more so, that Finch’s obscenely wealthy dad, Kirk, cannot or will not see Finch take responsibility for his actions.
Nina Browning is stuck in the middle. Torn between her small town roots with which she still strongly identifies, and love and loyalty for her privileged family, Nina finds herself drawn to Tom and Lyla in her quest for the truth behind the photo, and in her disappointment and guilt at the moral failing of her son to stand up and be counted for his actions.
A good read which I rate at 3 stars.