Affirmations For Family Caregivers by Harriet Hodgson

As a caregiver for my son I personally found this book positive, uplifting and full of inspiration.
Having been exploring Positive Psychology for some time and working personally with affirmations, I see them as a great way to turn a negative into a positive without negating how the experience or issue has made you feel. Harriet Hodgson in her introduction, gives an open and honest account of the tragedies in her life and how the results have had a life-changing knock-on effect on her life as she has stepped in at various stages, to become caregiver to a steady stream of family members over the years including her mother, her husband, and her orphaned twin grandchildren.
However, whatever job you do, even if it’s one you love involving people you love, there are guaranteed to be aspects of it that will irritate, exasperate, cause anxiety and stress, or just plain get you down! Harriet gives some great examples of how she has dealt with these occasions by writing her own affirmations – for example, in Chapter One, ‘My Caregiving Tasks,’ she writes ‘Changes in plans don’t throw me off balance; they activate my coping skills’ or ‘Every job has its messy aspects, and that makes me appreciate the non-messy aspects more.’ Furthermore, acknowledging the time constraints on caregivers, Harriet Hodgson has created an easily readable book, simply formatted and defined carefully by chapters without too much content.
Harriet Hodgson, I applaud you!
Prior to reading this book I had spent a lot of time reading other peoples’ affirmations, but I had never thought to have a go at writing my own which reflect on my own personal experiences as a caregiver.
I am now inspired to do so!
I give this book 5 out of 5 stars!

  • Uplifting and inspirational.

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