A Mother’s Confession by Kelly Rimmer

What a devastatingly brilliant read! ‘A Mother’s Confession,’ is the terrible story of an abusive relationship at its very worst between husband David, and wife Olivia, the tragic consequences of which are saved until the very end with a twist that will leave you breathless.
There are so many layers to this book that it would be impossible to dissect them all in one short book review, but there are some serious issues under scrutiny here. It is about the relationship between mother and child, in this case Ivy and David, Olivia and baby Zoe. It is about obsession and the terrible things that come of it; that of Ivy with her son, David, and David’s subsequent obsession with Olivia. It is about nature or nurture; the age old debate over whether someone is born or taught their behaviours. It is about grief and moving on; the story is told in the present day and uses flashbacks to the past to build a picture of how the life and death of David affected the two main women in the book, his mother, and his wife. It is about appearances, and how the fa├žade of every day life can hide the truth behind every story. And it is about perspective; the central character is David, already dead when we begin, with his story being revealed gradually through the independent voices of his wife, and his mother.
This is truly a great book that will have you gripped to the bitter end.


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