A Boy Made of Blocks by Keith Stuart

There’s something special about picking up a book based on a true story that you, the reader, have lived, and know inside out; not the author’s exact life of course, but the overwhelmingly accurate depiction of a family unit struggling to stay together in the face of the rollercoaster of ups and downs that living with autism brings. This wasn’t just a good read; for me it was an emotional read. The strength of the story is in its warts and all simplicity; I can almost see Keith Stuart shrugging his shoulders and saying ‘this is just how it is.’ Yet despite the difficulties, the battles, not only within the family, but also with the authorities, the great love and protection Keith feels for his nine year old son, for his estranged wife, for the people he is close to flows from his pen into the very words on the page. What we see in the development of the story, is this love of a parent for his son growing into love not just for his son, but for his son as a little person in his own right, autism and all.
A lovely heartwarming story of real life.


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