7/7 and 21/7 – Delving into Room 101 by Cliff Todd

Major incidents spend such a short time in the press and then they’re gone, moving swiftly onto the next newsworthy items almost without a second glance when we’ve scarcely even scratched the surface.  That’s where books like these come in; books that delve into the background, telling the stories that make the people that died more than just a number, that give those involved in the investigation real lives involving families, children and partners, that make the readers realise that these events are more than just a minute, an hour or a day; they take up years in detail and planning, in investigating, arresting and bringing to trial…if they get that far.
The author of this particular story was prominent investigator the explosives unit, dealing up front with the aftermath of the 7/7 and 21/7 tube (and bus) suicide bombings.  An interesting read from an extremely knowledgeable author, but a great deal of technical detail from an expert in the field
that lost me a bit.  I would say that the book would have more interest for experts and enthusiasts in the subject and for the entertainment reader like myself, I give it three stars.


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