You and Me, Always by Jill Mansell

A lovely gentle read full of romantic misunderstandings, humour and warmth. This is fairly standard Jill Mansell fare, and when you settle down on a rainy afternoon with a hot drink and a Jill Mansell novel, you know you’re in for a pleasant few hours.
What I like about Jill Mansell books is her ability to combine several ongoing romantic plotlines, all carefully linked together, and all tied up neatly and happily at the end. In this case the plot revolves around Lily and her deceased mother’s words from the past, delivered in the present in the form of a letter and a bangle on Lily’s 25th birthday. Lily has been receiving these letters on every birthday since her mother’s death many years previously, and this is the final one. The bangle was given to her mother by an ex-boyfriend Declan, her one true love who she lost contact with before meeting Lily’s father. Lily, always eager to find out more about her mother’s life in order to keep her memory alive, contacts Declan in an effort to claim his memories from their time together. So begins a chain of events involving Lily, Declan and her many friends including Coral, the woman who brought her up after her mother’s death, Patsy, a close friend of her mother’s, and Dan, Patsy’s ‘little’ brother. All are looking for true love and companionship, and as their paths cross again and again in family, friendship and love, we hope, along with them, that these lovely people the author creates, truly find happiness.
I rate this book four out of five stars.


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