Wish You Were Here by Jodi Picoult

As a long-time and huge fan of Jodi Picoult, I held my breath as I awaited the download of her latest offering, ‘Wish You Were Here,’ onto my Kindle.

It is a long time since a book has held my attention to the degree that I can’t wait to turn the next page. Yes, I’ve read some reasonable books lately, but I can pick them up and put them down just as easily. Jodi Picoult rarely disappoints however, and indeed I got through this book so fast, I almost breathed it in!

Written based on recent events surrounding the pandemic, Jodi has, as usual, done a tremendous amount of research to ensure her accounts from all viewpoints are as accurate as possible, bearing in mind that this is a work of fiction.

I wasn’t, however, ready for the twist, one of the most memorable I have come across, and which came somewhere around the halfway mark.

I loved the adventures of Diana ‘trapped’ in Covid lockdown on the Galapagos Islands, specifically Isabella Island. Her developing relationships with Abuela, Gabriel and Beatrix, and her adventures on the island among the Iguanas and lava rocks were fascinating, as was the email correspondence with her partner, Dr. Finn, and his first person accounts of critically ill, and dying Covid patients and the horror of the pandemic from the New York hospital where he works.

When the ‘twist’ came, I was unprepared, lost as I was in the magic of the Galapagos; at first it seemed to me that Jodi had made a major error! Surely a writer of her calibre could not possibly use such a trite plot twist as this. I can categorically say that I very nearly threw down my kindle in disgust.

However…not Jodi Picoult! I did her an injustice by even thinking she would use a plotline in such a banal and mediocre way!

I cannot say much more for fear of giving the plot away to those of you who are still lucky enough not to have read it yet! Suffice to say, as the story unravels after the twist, it is just as engrossing, just as fascinating and once again, Jodi has done her research.

I loved ‘Wish You Were Here.’ I loved that the subject matter was current; the character development was fabulous and I really found myself connecting with their emotions and experiences as they were tossed around violently in the storm that is Covid.

Read it! You won’t be disappointed!