Walking on Sunshine by Rachel Kelly

Having read the very mixed reviews on Rachel Kelly’s ‘Walking on Sunshine,’ I approached this book with an open mind. My conclusion? What you think of the book is very much based on what you were expecting of it.
Rachel clearly states that this is ’52 Small Steps to Happiness,’ rather than a lengthy, wordy tome – and that is exactly what we have got; a lovely positive and personal book, that reads like a journal.
The opening step, ‘1. The Spring is Coming,’ grabbed at my attention from the start.
Like Rachel, I too have suffered from lifelong depression, and the Spring is one of my favourite seasons, a season of renewal and a hope for lighter nights and sun-filled days to come.
I had never come across John Clare’s poem, ‘Spring Lambs’ before – but what a great introduction to the positive steps in the next few entries.
In fact, even if I didn’t always relate directly to Rachel’s words, I enjoyed her opinions and each entry gave me food for thought and reflection on how I dealt with similar aspects of my own life.
I keep this book on my coffee table now, as it is an ideal little pick me up, taking only a moment or two at coffee time to dip into, to read and to absorb one of the ‘small steps to happiness’ Rachel writes about.
I give this book four stars.


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