Those Other Women by Nicola Moriarty

It’s all very well promising to write a review in return for a copy of a book, but this is where it gets difficult.  I didn’t like ‘Those Other Women.’  Please bear with me here because I have read through many other reviews that have praised it and provided excellent scores and I do seem to be very much in the minority.  As I always say, mine is an entirely subjective point of view, and perhaps it wasn’t the right time for me to read this book and enjoy it, or maybe it just isn’t for me.  Who knows.
I can however provide a reasonable explanation of exactly why I didn’t like this book.
I didn’t like the characters; they were snarky (this is a brilliant American word that says it all!) and unkind, and I just didn’t want to spend time in their company.
An awful lot of time was spent on Facebook worrying about what other people on Facebook thought – people that the characters had never even met!  I have many concerns about the hold that Facebook has over peoples’ lives, and in particular those who are growing up without ever having lived in a world where Facebook and other social media didn’t exist.  I’m sure that Nicola Moriarty was using her book as a platform to make this point about Facebook, but again, I didn’t want to spend time in the company of characters who spent all their time worrying about the people in a cyber world rather than the real one they actually inhabited.
I’m sure the fact that the book affected me as it did, means that the author has been successful in highlighting a very real problem with the modern world that has touched a nerve in me so that I couldn’t enjoy what I was reading.
Readers!  Read ‘Those Other Women,’ and make up your own minds!