The Vanishing of Audrey Wilde by Eve Chase

The Vanishing of Audrey Wilde’ has it all; history, a mystery, a manor house, romance, hot lazy summers. And murder?
In the heatwave of 1959, four sisters return to Applecote Manor to spend the summer with their aunt and uncle when their mother goes travelling; but despite the sunshine and the beauty of their surroundings, the mysterious disappearance of their cousin, Audrey, five years previously, casts a sinister shadow over them all. Their aunt is still grieving at her daughter’s loss and deeply troubled by the lack of closure, the fate of Audrey still unknown. She see the girls as a channel for her grief, particularly Margot, the closest in age to her own lost girl.
Cut to the present and a new family comes to live at the old and crumbling manor. Jessie, along with her new husband and baby daughter, believes that the move from London will be a new start for her troubled family. Stepdaughter Bella however, still grieving for the premature death of her mother is resentful of Jessie’s intrusion into her life and feels an outsider in the new order of her family.
Through the dual perspective of Jessie and Margot, Eve Chase enfolds her readers in a mysterious and thrilling story of death, deception and loss of innocence as gradually, the full story of what happened to Audrey is revealed.
A thoroughly good read which I am giving 5 stars.