The Lies We Tell by Jane Corry

It is a long time since I have given 5 stars to a book…but The Lies We Tell by Jane Corry pushed all the buttons! Perhaps it’s because I have two teenage sons myself that I found the characters so relatable, but oh my goodness, what a plot!
Freddy, fifteen year old son of Sarah and Tom has been pushing his boundaries for a while. His actions and behaviours have steadily deteriorated, causing friction between his parents, and driving a greater wedge into their increasingly fragile marriage.
So, when a terrified Freddy comes home one night declaring that he has killed someone, Sarah is faced with a terrible decision; to side with her husband, ‘do the right thing’ and turn her son over to the police, or help him get away.
The story is brilliantly told moving backward and forward in time, giving the background to Sarah and Tom’s unlikely pairing, and Sarah’s subsequent divided liaison.
I can honestly say I haven’t read a book this good in a very long time…and no, I really couldn’t put it down!
A full house; five stars!
Happy reading!