The Island by C. L. Taylor

I love C. L. Taylor books. I look out for them, and devour them. ‘The Island’ is of the Young Adult genre, and no exception.

Six friends and their families have been going on holiday together for years. Now teenagers, the dynamics between the friends have changed. There is an awkwardness between them that never used to be there; there are secrets between them; feelings unexpressed…and they’re about to spend a week alone together on an island.

Danny and Honor are in a relationship, Jessie feels like she doesn’t belong, Jeffers is a bit of a nerd, and twins Meg and Milo have rivalry issues. With mixed feelings they embark on their adventure with their guide, Anuman.

Disaster strikes! Anuman dies suddenly of a stroke, and the six friends are stranded, with no way of getting back to the mainland. As they try and survive the week until help arrives, mysterious and frightening things begin to happen and all their fears are becoming realities. Will they actually get off the island alive?

C. L. Taylor’s book addresses some pertinent issues of the young adults she is addressing; growing up, change, loss, grief and mental health are all intertwined with a gripping and fast-paced story.

I give this book four stars.