The House Guest by Mark Edwards

‘The woman standing on the front stoop looked like she’d crawled straight out of the Hudson.’

The opening to The House Guest by Mark Edwards is a good one; curiosity, intrigue, questions. Who wouldn’t want to know whose doorstep the woman was standing on, what had happened to her and what the people inside were going to do about it?

In New York? A stormy night? A bedraggled stranger? Why, let her in of course!

Ruth and Adam are house-sitting a property in New York while the property owners, Mona and Jack, are away on a retreat in Mexico. In a moment of compassion for the storm-drenched young woman called Eden, standing on their doorstep, Ruth and Adam make a decision that they will live to regret; they let her in…and she stays.

Eden settles in with Ruth and Adam…and things begin to happen. A strange man stands across the street and watches them; Eden’s behaviour doesn’t always quite add up…and then Ruth and Eden disappear altogether.

The House Guest is a book where everything seems to happen; a stranger, murder, a cult, an affair, an estranged daughter….It’s a good, fast-paced read with an unexpected ending!