The Girlfriend by Michelle Frances

This was a great read, completely worthy in my opinion of a full 5 star score!

Michelle Frances explores the complex relationship between a mother and her son’s girlfriend; Daniel is the guy caught in the middle.

Laura is the mother with everything – or so Daniel’s girlfriend Cherry believes; wealthy husband, beautiful home, villa in the South of France and a job with status! Cherry on the other hand comes from a poor background; clever, beautiful and ambitious she wants everything that Laura has, and will stop at nothing to get it.

When Daniel brings Cherry to meet his parents one evening, both are initially keen to make a good impression; however, Laura soon becomes suspicious of Cherry’s motives for being with her son and the relationship between the two rapidly deteriorates.

When Daniel suffers a serious accident, as next-of-kin Laura is able to take the upper hand. In a desperate effort to maintain her hold on her son, Laura tells a horrific lie, one that is to have the most serious of repercussions.

As tensions between the two women reach a climax who will win…and at what cost!

I quite simply couldn’t put this book down. Michelle Frances’ character development was excellent, the story being told from several viewpoints in a third person voice. Cherry had just that right amount of ‘sinister’ and yet still maintained a believable human side capable of charm and manipulation where required; and taking into consideration the actions of Laura, maybe what she didn’t like about Cherry was seeing a reflection of her own flaws in another woman!

Loved! 5 stars!