The Forgiveness Project By Marina Cantacuzino

A fascinating and thought provoking exploration of a very many-faceted topic which affects every single one of us in some way.
In her Introduction, Marina Cantacuzino gives an intelligent, informed and unbiased account of her personal exploration of forgiveness, its manifestations and great changeability. Following this she enables the stories of others who for some reason or another have given or received forgiveness and who give details of the profound effect it has had on their lives.
Marina has selected stories from some very recent and high profile events including the sister of a victim of Fred and Rosemary West, a survivor from the 2005 train bombings in Londown and many more. Their stories are often painful to read; this is after all reality, not fiction, and these events really did happen!
This book made me think deeply and consider my own thoughts and attitude towards forgiveness, and indeed to contemplate on whether I could actually give forgiveness on the level that these people have. The book did go on on a little and I found myself becoming a little bored towards the end, and the way in which some of the narratives were written or expressed could be a little difficult to follow at times.
On the whole though, a very worthwhile book which will make you view aspects of your own life and forgivensss in a whole new light.



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