The Fear by C L Taylor

When I saw this book was available, I grabbed it fast! One of my favourite authors, C.L. Taylor’s name is synonymous with a great read; a great read that will not only keep you up turning the pages, but will also keep you up with its disturbing subject matter. In this case Taylor has excelled herself with the twists and turns of a complex plot; Lou Wandsworth was groomed as a child by her much older karate instructor Mike, resulting in an abusive relationship that ended disastrously. Lou, deeply scarred by the incident, returns home many years later to clear her dead father’s home only to find that Mike is up to his old tricks again; young, insecure and living in an unstable family unit, Chloe at 13 is starved of affection, desperate for attention and easy prey for Mike who is a trusted family friend. Lou is horrified and desperate to stop the abusive relationship she sets off a sequence of events that will end in violence.
Like all the books I have read by C L Taylor I could not put this one down! An easy five star read!