The Darkness Within by Lisa Stone

This book definitely grew on me during the course of the time I spent reading it! The subject matter is fascinating; I had heard vaguely at some point about cellular memory transference, but what a great pretext for a story! Not just an organ transplant, in this case something as enormous as the heart, but also a complete personality transplant. This is excellent, thought-provoking, topical, to-the-minute science, and ‘The Darkness Within,’ brings to the surface all of that morality stuff that we should be seriously thinking about as science progresses deeper and deeper in the field of research. It gives a whole new meaning to the argument of ‘nurture or nature!’
Other meaty subject matters includes domestic abuse, in this case full blown domestic violence. Poor Rosie! You have to wonder at her falling for the same abusive type all over again having already escaped once!
One thing bothers me however; should the main character, Jacob, still be held accountable for all his criminal activity. You get the feeling at the end of the book as everything comes together, that all will now be rosy – but during the course of the story, Jacob has committed GBH, murder, rape, theft, intimidation, holding a person against their will, and so on, and yet there is no mention of him receiving justice for his crimes! Would CMT even stand up in a court of law?? Certainly food for thought for those who don’t like to take their books at face value.
The book lost star value for me as at times the writing seemed to me rather stilted in its style; the flow wasn’t quite what it could have been – but nevertheless, a solid 3.5 star read!


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