The Cows by Dawn O’Porter

‘The Cows’ is the first Dawn O’Porter book I have read, and what a good ‘un.  Although the storyline has been hammed up a bit for entertainment, the people and circumstances are very real; the blogger, Cam, a powerful voice for women, particularly those who have made a conscious decision to remain childless; Tara, high flying career woman and single mother, who is looking for love; and Stella, newly single and still devastated at the double bereavement of her twin sister and mother, wants a baby, and will go to any lengths…Three strong women dealing with very real modern issues on sexuality, motherhood, status – and the internet and social media in all its hateful glory!
(Also, despite its heavy leaning towards women’s rights, spare a thought for Cam’s youthful lover, desperate to support Cam and his unborn child in her hour of need).
Want a book to get your teeth into?  ‘The Cows’ is it!


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