The Border by Steve Schafer

A great Young Adult read! A family party in Mexico is the devastating target of a gang shooting…and four teens’ lives are changed forever! Having snuck out of the party briefly, Marcos, Gladys, Arbo and Pato return to find their families murdered and, as the only survivors and witnesses, a price on their heads. They cannot stay in Mexico if they are to stay alive; the only option is to cross the border into America – but the desert stands between them.
From their comfortable family lives, the four teens suddenly find themselves thrust into a battle of wills and a fierce fight for survival; against the murderous gangs that took their families from them, against the people they meet who would hand them over for the monetary rewards, against the dangers of the desert – and even against each other.
I really enjoyed this book, and what an education into a drug running, gangland lifestyle that despite this being a work of fiction, that truly exists.