The Blossom Sisters by Fern Michaels

I tried to stick with ‘The Blossom Sisters’ by Fern Michaels, I really did, but it just wasn’t for me. I appreciate that calling a work of fiction ‘unrealistic’ is a bit daft, bearing in mind that it is exactly that, a work of fiction – but the lack of realism means for me that the story loses credibility.
I didn’t find the characters very likeable; Gus came across as weak and whingy, and his grandma and great-aunts, allegedly once loving and indulgent Gus, portray as unforgiving and crochety. As for the financially booming business in unlikely goods that the Blossom sisters run from their farmhouse…just no.
I always read other reviews besides writing my own, just to see how far off the mark I might be in my opinions, and I note that ‘The Blossom Sisters’ among other Fern Michaels books, have a high percentage of very good reviews, so please, don’t take my entirely subjective word for it. Read ‘The Blossom Sisters’ yourself and you might well be someone who loves the escapism it provides.


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