Sisters and Lies by Bernice Barrington

Great cover, great story! A really good read, and one I was glued to from beginning to end!

Bernice Barrington’s ‘Sisters and Lies’ had a bit of everything; romance, suspense, psychology. And attempted murder? Maybe!

One night Rachel Power gets the dreaded call; her sister Evie has been involved in a car crash and lies in a coma in hospital in London. Rachel, who has just arrived back from a long book tour in Australia immediately packs and travels from Ireland to be by her sister’s side. She is told by Doctors that Evie may wake up in days, it may be weeks, or even never! Faced with the possibility of losing her sister forever, Rachel decides to move into Evie’s flat and make her stay more long term – only to find it already occupied by Donnagh, Evie’s temporary flatmate. And current boyfriend? Rachel is not entirely convinced!

The relationships are complicated. Rachel is recently separated from her husband; they both are still deeply in love with each other, but have different ideas about children.

Evie has a history of partying and sleeping around, but is she settling down with her latest love, Donnagh?

Janet is a mutual friend and Evie’s ex-flatmate. Yet she hasn’t been in touch with Evie since they fell out months ago over Janet’s boyfriend, Patrick.

Then there is Artie, Evie’s high school boyfriend and love of her life, now engaged to Shannon and moving on with his life.

Initially told from Rachel’s perspective, we are finally introduced to Evie who lies unconscious in a coma, but whose mind is still very active can tell her own story.

The saying says that ‘there are two sides to every story,’ and never has this been more true than in ‘Sisters and Lies.’ The same story from two very different perspectives and two very different narratives doesn’t fail to grip and surprise!

I give this story five stars.


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