Should’ve Said No by Tracy March

‘Should’ve Said No’ by Tracey March is a comfortable, easy, predictable read featuring two very likeable characters and a standard romantic storyline.

Lindsey has been brought into small town America to create a new museum at Thistle Bend, featuring notable historic events in its history – and walks right into the midst of a long standing feud between two wealthy pioneering families, the Karlssons and the Crenshaws. The feud concerns the sale of some land many years ago coveted by both families with only one winner, and it is up to Tracey to uncover the truth in order to portray this pivotal historic event of the town accurately in the museum.
There are just a few issues getting in the way of her work; she is related to the Karlsson family as their niece, and she falls head over heels for the gorgeous Carden Crenshaw. Caught in the middle, Lindsey’s loyalties are painfully torn between her family ties and her feelings for Carden and for this reason she decides to keep both a secret until she uncovers the truth about the feud that tore the two families apart.

Sometimes a predictable plot is what the reader wants; no surprises or dramatic twists, and with the pleasant easy writing style of Tracey March, readers can curl up with ‘Should’ve Said No’ secure in the knowledge that they are in for an escapist romantic read and a happily ever after ending.
I give this book 3 out of 5 stars.


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