Shattered Perfection by Heather R. Guimond

I recently read another superb book about an abusive married relationship hidden by surface appearances, and I initially thought that this was going to run along the same lines; but, as the devastating ending came crashing down on me, once again I was struck by how incredibly different lives we all lead, how what may seem to be one thing is often another – and how absolutely everyone has a very individual story to tell!
Mimi and Vance, following a chance encounter at an airport, have a passionate and whirlwind love affair and are married within six months. Vance is everything Mimi has ever wanted in a man; loving, caring, thoughful, attentive! She falls for him, hard and fast, ignoring those little niggles of doubt that she is rushing into things too quickly. Vance appears to be too good to be true…and before they reach their first wedding anniversary, it seems that indeed he WAS too good to be true!
The change is gradual at first as Vance becomes sporadic in his behaviour, increasingly distancing himself from her, spending more time at work, being verbally abusive and intimidating, not to mention the hot redhead from work who appears to know Vance rather more than she should – and Mimi begins to wonder whether the man she married ever existed at all.
There is a great twist at the end that will wrench your heart from your chest and wring it dry…but I won’t spoil a great read by revealing it here.
Suffice to say I am already looking forward to the next book in the series!


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