Saving Abby by Steena Holmes

In my entirely subjective opinion (and the only way to truly decide is to read it for yourself), this story never really got off the ground; I found myself reading on, not out of page-turning suspense, but waiting for the story to really start.
The idea is a great one. Claire Turner and her husband Josh have tried everything to conceive a longed-for child. For Claire, the non-appearance of a baby is that much more painful having given her first up for adoption many years previously. Finally, after six painful years, the couple have decided to stop hoping and trying, and move on with their lives together. When Claire begins to suffer some symptoms of apparent ill-health, having given up all hope of ever being parents, Claire and Josh are thrilled to discover that she is in fact pregnant at last.
As Claire’s health noticeably continues to deteriorate however, she receives a terrifying diagnosis and she and Josh are suddenly faced with some impossible decisions!
Again, the idea behind this story is very real and very human, but there were no real surprises; each event was so easily predicted far in advance of it occurring, and I felt no real empathy with the characters. Sorry!
I give this book two out of five stars.


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