Only Child by Rhiannon Navin

Wow, wow, wow! I loved this book. I struggled a little at the beginning to get into the swing of the narrative which is written from the perspective of a six year old boy. The child’s voice is such a powerful one that I did check back once or twice to make sure that I hadn’t been mistaken; that this was actually a book for an adult, not a child. However, once I had settled into it I found the story absolutely enthralling.
Zach is the little brother of Andy aged 10, now deceased, who was one of the innocent child victims murdered by a shooter at his school. This story focuses on the aftermath; the families, the feelings, the intensity, the media interest.
Having just read ‘A Mother’s Reckoning’ by Sue Klebold, mother of one of the Columbine High School Shooters, ‘Only Child’ really resonated with me, being on the other side of a shooting event, so to speak.
Written with tremendous compassion and understanding, Rhiannon Navin writes a genuinely believable story based in the heart and mind of a young child. I am full of admiration at her ability to write a credible account from this perspective for adult readers.
A powerful and thought provoking book that you will continue to reflect on long after you’ve finished the final page.
I give this book 5 stars.


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