One Minute Later by Susan Lewis

I’d describe ‘One Minute Later’ as a ‘nice’ read; something to pick up when you don’t want anything too taxing, but which will take you over the next couple of day with a pleasant story, a cup of something warm and a comfy chair to sit in. It’s an entirely romantic novel, from the beginning to the end, first of all through Shelley and Jack, and subsequently, their son Josh and Vivienne. It is Vivienne who sits at the focal point of this tale, and around whom the majority of the action revolves.
Vivienne, or Vivi as she is known in the book; beautiful, energetic, vibrant and clever. Vivi is full of spirit, laughter and the joy of life…until….
On this day, Vivi is meeting her friends for her 27th birthday lunch. As she laughs and jokes with the GaLs as she calls them, she experiences a spell of dizziness, repeatedly touches or clasps her chest, then collapses gasping for breath. In a moment, Vivienne’s life has changed permanently; she has suffered catastrophic heart failure and her life will never be the same again.
Following emergency treatment, Vivi is returned to her family’s care for recovery and rehabilitation, anxious and frustrated by the sudden and dramatic turn of events. As she struggles to come to terms with her new lifestyle, through the story told through flashbacks and present events, we learn about Vivi’s family, her background, and the new life that she gradually begins to build for herself with the gorgeous Josh.
A satisfying, if occasionally slow read, but certainly an enjoyable book worthy of three stars.