My Husband The Stranger by Rebecca Done

Molly’s life had changed in a moment, a moment that she wasn’t even there for – and in that moment she lost her husband.
‘My Husband the Stranger’ is a poignant story told from two perspectives; Molly in the present, and Alex from the past.
Molly is at the end of her tether. Her husband Alex fell down some stairs a little while ago and suffered a severe head trauma; since, he has become a stranger to her. Gone is the sweet, loving man who she adored. In his place is a moody, unpredictable stranger. Molly tries her best; she lives in a run down house that they had planned to refurbish together, she is struggling to hold down a job for both of them and she is nearly ready to throw in the towel. Increasingly she is relying on Alex’s twin brother Graeme, the only person who could love and care for him as well as she can. The only thing that keeps her going are the occasional glimpses of the Alex she once knew, and the hope that maybe one day, he will make it back to her. Meanwhile, there is more to Alex’s accident than it first appears; Alex’s story takes us back pre-accident to the time he first got together with Molly, his rivalry for her affections with Graeme, and the events that finally led up to him being in Graeme’s flat on the night of the accident, events that Molly has never really fully understood, until now.
I won’t say anymore as that would spoil the ending for you. Suffice to say I enjoyed this book very much and give it 3 stars.


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