My Demon’s Name is Ed by Danah Khalil

Being interested as I am in mental health issues, I was very intrigued by this book.  For me, Ed is the very personification of the demented activity that can go on inside the head of a mentally sick person.  Yes, it can feel as if there is constantly a voice in your ear, urging you on and on even though you know y0u shouldn’t.  Yes, it can feel as if you are perpetually in a battle – usually with yourself – over your actions.  Yes, you do feel that you want to silence a perpetually busy brain permanently, whatever it takes – just to get some peace and quiet.  I really felt for Danah, I truly did – but I couldn’t finish her book.  The downside is that it was very repetitive; people with mental illness often have very repetitive lives based on obsessions and behaviours that they might have developed to cope with life.
To summarise, although Danah wrote very poignantly, desperately, and with more knowledge of her subject than you would hope a teenage girl would have, the repetitiveness of the book finally beat me.
I give this book three stars out of five.


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