My Book of Feelings by Tracey Ross

A lovely, accessible book for children exploring and explaining feelings. Pleasant feelings that make you ‘feel good inside’ are coloured a sunny yellow and described as fluffy, to include cheerful, pleased, excited and so on. Unpleasant feelings that make you feel ‘uncomfortable and unhappy’ are coloured blue and described as sharp, to include scared, lonely, jealous and angry for example. The author Tracey Ross uses events and occasions that create these feelings inside of us. A very important point that the author makes, is that unpleasant feelings are not always bad and may create a ‘mixture of fluffy and sharp feelings.’ Tracey Ross then goes on to teach her child readers about how to deal with the sharp feelings so they don’t become so big that they cause stress and anxiety; but perhaps most important of all she teaches that fluffy feelings cover the points on sharp feelings, and that there are things we can do to encourage ‘fluffy’ rather than sharp.

‘The more fluffy feelings I have, the more comfortable I will feel. So trying to have fun and finding happy things to do and think about will help me to feel better inside.’ (My Book of Feelings, Tracey Ross)

In a busy, busy world that is potentially full of stress and anxiety I feel it is of great importance to teach our children how to deal with feelings, and the skills to encourage and promote emotional well-being and positive (fluffy!) thinking, as well as how to cope with the more negative (sharp!) side of life.

The short workbook at the end provides an opportunity for the reader to engage and explore their own feelings while they are fresh.

A very good 4 out of 5 stars.



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